Long lost solution to ‘lost and found’ is finally found.

Aintright learned recently that the local police are no longer overly keen for the public to hand in things they have found. Keen to establish what the new rules are, he had a chat to his contact in the force, Sgt. Postlethwaite. Over a pint or two of Harlot’s Garter, an intriguing little craft ale …

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Postlethwaite finds his quarry

Aintright was in Reddisher Woods after dark the other evening taking photos for a forthcoming article on dogging. It’s really not what it sounds and, besides, he’s single and what he does with his own time is his own business. Anyway, on his way back from the woods, he saw a number of men being …

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Happy Birthday!

This word press version of The Summerseat Skylark turned one year old last week. I've started to revisit some posts from a year ago just for old time's sake. Please feel free to like/share/comment, etc. and let me know if links don't work. Thanks for all your support over the last twelve months!

Advertising Feature – ‘That’ll Do’ Tape Measure.

The Summerseat Skylark

Imagine being able to make anything look bigger, smaller, longer, shorter, fatter, or thinner at your whim. Well now, thanks to the good folks at Summerseat Home Improvement Team, you can. Our revolutionary ‘That’ll Do’ tape measure looks just like any other tape measure but it’s just a little bit stretchy. By varying how much you stretch it you can adjust the measurement to whatever you would like it to be and have mathematical proof that you’re not trying to pull a fast one.

Men. Feeling inadequate? The ‘That’ll Do’ tape measure puts the power of maths, quite literally, in your hands. You can turn those six inches into eight inches at a stroke, if you know what we mean. Do bear in mind that the harder you pull, the shorter you’ll be. This is counter-intuitive we know but we’re guessing you’ll figure it out. Ladies. If he’s always bragging…

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