Race across Ramsbottom

It was finally time to go on my adventure! My bag was packed with everything I needed for the journey; a flask of coffee, a camera, several packets of magic hand-warming powder, some cigarettes and a lighter, a survival bag, a medium-sized Allen key, a portable defibrillator and a spare pair of underpants in case …

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Water on the Brain

With the rain still falling, Aintright has learned that the council are taking extreme measures to deal with the situation. Over a pint of Milkmaid’s Delight, a delicious little craft ale with hints of freshly mown grass, hay and E45 cream, he had a chat with Brian Dooly, his contact in the Water Emergency Team …

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“Bank robbers being robbed” claims bank robber.

With the imminent closure of the town's last bank, Aintright has discovered that members of the local criminal fraternity have called an extraordinary annual general meeting to discuss the situation, to vote for who to blame for it and to establish who will be contracted to 'do their kneecaps'. To ensure there is secrecy, fair …

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