2020 and all that.

So, welcome to 2020! It seems to have started with a bang … a large one in the Middle East unfortunately.

Anyway, I hope you all had an enjoyable night … I certainly did …. and are now fully recovered …. I’m not sure I am yet.

My public resolutions for this year are:

Stop watching the news. It’s depressing and no-one seems to tell the truth anymore anyway.

Stop drinking tequila or begin a campaign to have it renamed ‘Kryptonite’.

Stop smoking ….. (completely/partially/maybe a little bit/definitely next year)

Continue to avoid massive quantities of trifle (a successful resolution made last year and one I want to continue)

Write more. I’ve been finding it quite difficult recently and I need to rediscover my mojo.

Talking about mojo, I’m considering getting back into the dating game. Feel free to suggest reasons why that’s just a stupid idea. Feel free to share your resolutions too. If only so we can be publicly supportive whilst secretly opening a book on the odds of your being successful.




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