Tequila Love

Oh tequila,

Even though I saw you coming,

I still blundered in,

Desperate, I suppose, to scratch an itch,

Still buried beneath my skin,

And, yes, I should have known much better,

Than to dream of sun where there’d be rain,

But as my lips got wetter,

I just drowned in you … again,

Oh tequila,

You’re the pretty bottle I shouldn’t touch,

The temptation best ignored,

The shots in the dark that will hurt me so much,

The pain for the poison I poured,

Oh tequila,

You reeled me in,

Between an ouzo and a double gin,

And when the bottle opened,

And liquid finally flowed,

I thought it be a sweet, first step,

On a long and sensual road,

Then, despair as the following day revealed,

The tainted spirit at whose font I’d kneeled,

When you did spit me out so fast,

You tore my heart with shards of glass,

And the look I’d seen in those green eyes,

Lay dimmed and dead in a bed of lies,

Oh tequila,

Having stripped you bare, I now can see,

There was never anything there for me,

And at least the bottle’s empty now,

Mistakes flushed to the drain,

Allowing me to make a timely vow,

To never drink from you again,

You’ll be but a memory that lingers,

On my face,

On my hands,

And on my sticky fingers,

Your good looks,

Your sweet taste,

Your delicate, fragrant smell,

Just ticket-stub reminders,

Of my final trip to a shallow well,

And on your stony heart where my passion sizzled,

Read the words the mason’s chiselled,

Oh tequila,

It’s such a shame,

You couldn’t play,

An honest game.

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