Online Dating Update – Day 2

No, no, no and no. I’m not going down this road again. Even after just twenty-four hours I can tell it’s going to be as bad for my mental health as it was last time. The only fun to be had here is browsing through some of the introductory remarks folk write for themselves. Here’s a selection. All absolutely genuine. Please bear in mind that these short statements are meant to be an opportunity for you to introduce yourself to your would-be suitors. 

“Wear sunscreen” (????????)

“Break my heart and I’ll break your nose!” (Charming)

“No torries welcome” (I think she means ‘Tories’ but it wouldn’t put Boris off anyway)

“Fresh or processed food” (????????)

“Debby Harrie eat your heart out” (Seriously, with a blonde wig on, I’d look more like Debbie Harrie than she did)

“Beware! I am fearless therefore powerful” (No photo so not that fearless then)

“I could be a nightmare dressed as a daydream”  (Well that builds trust doesn’t it?)

“Looking for my other half” (You’re not supposed to be on here if you have another half)

“Big spoon required for cold winter nights”  (I don’t even want to imagine what that’s for)

….. and my personal favourite:

“What’s the worst that could happen?” (You mean apart from being bashed over the head, driven out into the woods, gang-raped and put through a wood chipper?)


Honestly, and I thought I was mad. 🙂

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